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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

remlap13 captures second title in three seasons

Fred Brathwaite was a huge factor in remlap13's second championship.
The NHL season might have ended awhile ago, but we here at The Buttery Step keep on truckin'. Season VI: Les Champions d'Europe, the first Hotsteppers League to use only European teams, has ended and remlap13 has captured his second title in three seasons.

"[My] second championship in three seasons is good," said remlap13. "[It] makes it even sweeter that I was able to yet again prevent my rival, Conscript85, from winning his first championship."

Seeing as some people had to drop from Season VI, the playoffs wound up consisting of only four teams (CCF23, REDFIELD85, Conscript85, and remlap13).  With a shortened season, did remlap13 take less pride in his win?

"It does feel a little less important due to the shortened length [of the season] and shortened playoffs." he said.  "I truly believe that even if we had a 16+ team league, I still would have been in the finals though."

His opponent in the finals, Conscript85, has been in the finals every year since season two and has yet to win it all. Saying he is "Hossa-ing" it is an insult to Marian Hossa.

Regarding having more confidence playing against the NHL 10 Hossa, remlap13 said, "I really did, especially after getting that win in game one." He continued, "And even though he has been 'Hossa-ing' it, he's still dangerous. Before our series this season, he had won three out of our four series in past playoffs." Conscript85's only series loss? When remlap13 captured his first title.

Season VI could have been different. Coming into the playoffs, Conscript85 had a first round match-up with the number one seed, CCF23. "I hated my team [Helsinki Jokerit] this past season, but then I beat CCF23 5-1 in my final game of the season and swept him in the first round. I all of the sudden found out how to score with them after playing so poorly."

After sweeping the first place team, Conscript85 believed he could win it all, only to fall short yet again. Could next season, lucky season seven, be the "Year of Connie?"

"Well, the next season is hard to say. [It] will definitely be NHL 11 and I don't know how much practice everyone will have with it. The main gameplay seems the same though, so I am pretty sure I'll wiggle into the finals again."

As far as winning in the finals, "I have no idea anymore. I don't know what to do differently anymore."

Season seven will take place after NHL 11 hits stores on September 7th.

Season VI: Les Champions d'Europe was played with NHL 10 on the Xbox 360. It consisted of 10 teams at the start and, after some booting, fizzled down to seven. For other season information and stats, visit our Facebook fan page.

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